“Aditya’s Golden City” – Prakash Group has successfully completed the flagship venture in the suburbs of Hyderabad, which is a DTCP final Approved Layout, at Shadnagar. With the confidence, the customers showered towards us motivated us to come up new ventures around Hyderabad. We have completed the venture with every promise we make to the customers like Metal roads, Drainage Facilities, Street Lights, Water tank and so forth. With the clear title and application of the DTCP approval norms, banks were ready to fund our customers with the loans in owning the plots.

Aditya’s Golden City – brings in the vision of sophisticated, modern, future-ready projects that have been adapted to one’s sensibilities at Vidyalaya, Near Shadnagar. The proximity from the site to the different location in Hyderabad does provide an excellent opportunity to leverage the customer requirements.

DTCP Approval Layout

Aditya’s Golden City - HMDA Layout